About Me


Welcome to my humble garden of thoughts and blooms!

I am Emily Turner, your guide through this digital garden. My journey into the realms of flora began as a young sprout under the tender guidance of seasoned gardeners who showed me the joy of nurturing life from soil. Their wisdom and patience were my sunlight and rain, allowing my love for gardening to blossom over time.

This blog, a testament to my adventures and the countless hours of joy amidst the greens, is where I share the tales of my garden, the challenges faced, and the euphoria of watching a seed transform into a towering beauty. When the day’s toil ends and my pen hits the paper, I transpose my love for nature into words. I’ve found that the language of blooms is universal, and through my writing, I aspire to share the serenity and joy that a garden can offer.


Living in the picturesque landscapes of Vermont, I am never short of inspiration.

The lush countryside, with its vibrant palette, is a daily reminder of nature’s wonders. When not writing or tending to my blooms, you’ll find me exploring the rustic trails of Vermont, a flower always tucked behind my ear, a symbol of the simple beauties that enrich our lives.

I invite you to join me on this delightful journey through my blog. Together, let’s explore the nuances of nature, learn from each leaf and petal, and color our world with the endless shades of blooms. My hope is to create a community of nature enthusiasts who find solace and joy in the garden of life. Let’s embark on this beautiful journey to nurture, grow, and celebrate the verdant beauty that surrounds us.

For any inquiries or collaborations, please reach out to me via email at contact@welikeflowers.com. I am earnestly looking forward to growing together.

Warm regards,